Sunday, June 30, 2013

First Week At Home

Well the first week was a bit of an emotional one for me--but we survived and we are all doing wonderful now. It just took a little time for us to adjust to being home with 2 baby girls and figuring out what Adelynn likes and dislikes..

So far.. She LOVES to eat... and she LOVES to open those big ol eyes and just look around. She is SO alert it's amazing. She DISLIKES to lay flat so we had to borrow a friends rock and sleeper and she has been doing AMAZING at night the bassinet was a no go for this little lady. 

We traveled to a doctors appt, lactation specialist appt, t-ball game for Olivia, went to not one but TWO firework shows, and had our newborn pictures... all which went awesome and she did really good. The only problem so far is i'm having a hard time feeling okay with feedings in public... suggestions? I know it's normal to feed-- for some reason i just can't seem to feel ok with it. who knows maybe i'm crazy?

If you are breastfeeding and needing some advice our lactation specialist helped me SO much!  I had been told two completely different things about feeding and I couldn't seem to figure out how to make Adelynn happy-- but after spending 2 hours there with the help of my amazing husband we learned a lot and came home and we have had a satisfied girl ever since. 

We had dinners provided to us over the last week and it was so awesome having the meals prepared and brought over which led to not much of a mess in the kitchen which is always super nice. Jeff has been working lots of hours due to his magazines being due soon so it was time we got to spend with daddy too we were SO thankful for everyone and can't thank you enough. 

I feel SO blessed-- a year ago now I didn't know what was wrong with me after trying a year to get pregnant we were still unsuccessful and now i just sit and stare at my sweet baby who is just over a week old-- God is GOOD! I'm SO thankful to be her mommy and already love watching her grow and do new things. 

Olivia has been awesome with her, it's really nice having an extra set of hands to help out when i need them. :) She got to go on a few play dates last week which let me spend some one on one with baby A which was really nice and i got in a few naps :) Once again thankful for awesome friends. Thank you Thank you. 

Thanks everyone for all the prayers! 

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  1. I'm so glad it's going so well! Sometimes I don't like to nurse in public. It depends on where I am and who I'm with. I just leave to go in another room if I can. If I can't leave (like in a waiting room) I just try to find a seat in the corner and turn my back. But remember, it gets MUCH MUCH MUCH easier to be discrete when they get bigger. The first month or two is so tough to get them to latch and hold them in the exact right position. As she gets bigger you'll be able to nurse without all that effort and be more comfortable.