Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Adelynn Mae Part 1

Well I had a very rough night of feeling very sickly-- when I would lay I felt that I should vomit and then it would be the other end along with having strong yet not consistent contractions and it went on for about 3 hours before I woke Jeff up.
We decided to go ahead and go to triage just to make sure everything was okay. We dropped O off with my friend/co-worker Stephanie and headed into Springfield. Olivia was so excited and deep down I was praying we would get to stay at the hospital and have a baby today. 
When we arrived they hooked me up to make sure all was well with baby--heart rate was great and they were able to monitor contractions.. When she checked me (last Friday I was at ab a 1.5-2cm) I was at a 3.5 cm 80% effaced and a -1 station.. Doctor wanted me to stick around for an hour and do some walking so Jeff and I walked and walked-- an hour later she checked me again and NOTHING. Oh so frustrating. 
Decided I wanted to go ahead and head home to try to sleep and get rested since my night of sleep was very minimal. 
I took about a 2 hour nap before I headed to get O at school and now she is napping so peaceful in our bed-- I cuddled for awhile but decided to go ahead and get my bath and make myself half presentable so we can go get a pedicure and snow come and possible even go walk some... 

So ready to meet sweet Adelynn.. Come out baby girl we are all waiting on you.. Please say a prayer I can make it through and be able to follow my birth plan--
So far this has been a lot tougher on me than Miss Os arrival. 

Here's a picture off me this morning (excuse how awful I look I hadn't had sleep)

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  1. Oh honey, I hear you. These last few weeks are SO hard! Just keep telling yourself that every single day spent in the womb is VITAL for her development. Seriously, every hour her little body is more and more prepared to meet the world. You are sacrifices your comfort and sanity for such a worthy cause!