Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mommy and O Day

Here's a picture of what most of our day consisted of... We LOVE the water and having fun in the sun. We started out our morning by having breakfast and then got ready and did some painting (picture to come after Sunday) :) Then we jumped right into the water.... we dove for the fishies in the bottom of the pool we played tag and splashed around... Kinda hard to move to quick being 39 weeks prego.. thankful the pool is not TOO big ;)

We laughed and laughed and i just enjoyed Olivia. I know things are going to change whenever Adelynn arrives-- everyone says it is crazy how much changes... I'm praying it's NOT too hard of an adjustment. I'm nervous, but yet SO excited for the new chapter we are about to begin.

After pool time and lunch,  I watched Olivia jump and do flips on the trampoline.. i was worried about a trampoline but i have to say its her fav thing in the backyard. We came in for some relaxation and her snack of choice an apple. We've now watched Strawberry Shortcake and Tinker bell and are about to head out for dinner over at my bro & sis in laws.

I'm SO thankful for days like today to just take in my time with O.. She is SUCH a smart kiddo. She's learning SO much everyday and has an attitude out of this world. She can be the sweetest little thing and then not even an hour later have a "mouth". Teenage years in the Rawson home could be a very interesting time ;) BUT i wouldn't trade it for anything. I love her and all the attitude because Lord knows she gets it from me :\ eekkk. lol

Have a very blessed Friday. Pray for me as i go in for my 39 week appointment tomorrow. I have lots of questions and hope to have made a little progress?

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