Thursday, October 24, 2013

4 year and 4 Month Check Up

Time is flying we had our check ups yesterday and the girls have both grown so much.

Olivia is now 31 lbs AND finally on her growth chart at 15% and she is 40 in tall 50%! She did awesome at the appointment and is doing amazing! I'm so thankful her being preemie hasn't held her down like the doctors said could happen.. She is so smart as I'm so proud of her and all the learning she has done :) can't believe she still has another year until kindergarten she is def gonna miss her friends next year :(

Adelynn weighed in at 13.7 50% and 25.5 in 90% she is growing so big! She did NOT like her shots!! :( so sad! But she took her longest nap ever when we got home! Poor girl!

Check ups were a success! Healthy girls = happy mommy :)

Us girls at the doctors office :)

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