Monday, October 14, 2013

Aching Heart

I haven't felt so much pain in my heart in quite some time... today as i sat in the funeral and just listening to the songs and Mr. Bock talking about Roo I cant seem to get it off my mind. I've been thinking about him all day. Things like this aren't supposed to happen and I'm questioning why? He was such a genuine and caring guy who no matter how long it had been since i had seen him last-- he always greeted me with a big hug and smile and loved catching up.

As young kids going through Elementary school we were great friends we always played basketball together and he was always over at Ben's ( My next door neighbor) and we always played outside together. He was one of my first little boyfriends at a young age when wearing your boyfriends starter jacket was super cool.. this was around 5-6th grade.. He is the reason me and my best friend Jessica became so close.. super long story but he was it.

I can still hear his momma saying "Christopher, Lauren's on the phone" crazy how things come back to you and how his older brothers and his friends would tease us on the bus for holding hands under a jacket lol so funny.. He was one amazing guy and I'm SO thankful I was fornuate to grow up with him even tho we had drifted apart which is what happens i guess after high school everyone moves on and things change.

I sure do regret not keeping in contact with him more, but thankful for the time I got with him sharing memories that i will not forget.

God please help me understand why things like this happen and keep your arms around his beautiful mother.. She is such a sweet person.. 

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