Monday, October 21, 2013

Adelynn *4 Months*

You have got such a personality and are always smiling.. It seems like you are starting to outgrow all the crying and are happy more often. You have started to enjoy belly time more and can roll over and over :) I can walk out of the living room and come back and you will have rolled across your blanket to the other side. 

You are very verbal and love to baby talk and watch everything around you. I'm so thankful to be able to watch you at "school" and how you interact with the other kiddos you love the older ones talking to u :)

We got your jumperoo out and u enjoy sitting in it for a bit but your not quite long enough to touch so we have to put a pillow under you..  You just love to look around and grab anything you find..  We got you a new piano playmat which u kick with you feet to play the music as you are very knot grabbing all the toys above you. 

You had your first parents as teachers visit and she was very impressed by you which made mommy super proud. She loved that you would roll and roll and push up on your arms while on tummy along w all your chit chat! Mommy and daddy don't stand a chance with u and ur sister ;) 

Your sleeping at night has def gotten worse. You went from sleeping all night to now u wake up and make noise and ill get up give u binky and u go back to sleep but that gets super old after the 10th time so you usually end up on Mommys chest by 4-5am so mommy can get those that couple hours of sleep.. 

We are now on gentlease 100% and you seem to be doing great on it.. U are also taking Prevacid again but it's now the liquid and for the last week we have been doing prune juice bc you have been constipated. Which really ticks u off! And it's so sad! :( 

Your have your 4 month appointment on Wed and Olivia has her 4 year I'm so excited to see how much you've grown! You are wearing 3 month or 3-6 month and Diapers are 1-2. 

You are such a snuggler and I'm taking full advantage :) this last month you have started really talking some serious baby talk, rolling all over, giggling, and really people watching. You LOVE when sis plays with you and gets all in your face :) you just laugh and smile at her. You also love for us for us to sing "you are my sunshine" :) even tho we are terrible u always smile :) 

We love you Mae Mae!!! So excited for the holidays with you!! <3

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