Saturday, March 1, 2014

Father Daughter Dance

How in the world can my baby be old enough to go to a dance??? Jeff has been waiting a few years to be able to take her to this dance and when he asked her she was SOOO excited!! and of course said"yes" <3 Seriously MELT MY HEART! I took her dress shopping and let her help pick out the perfect dress and she got so excited "lets make it a secret and not show daddy it will be a surprise" 
We got her all dolled up and they headed out.. First stop was dinner at Ruby Tuesday.. Jeff ordered a drink and got her a Shirley Temple... She thought it was so funny her drink was bigger than his.. 
As she was drinking it, she pushed it back and said "I dont like this beer" lol the ladies around them looked over and laughed she's a MESS! 

He said she danced all night and LOVED dancing with him-- She even got SO excited when Call Me Maybe came on the radio she spun and fell and smacked her nose and it started to bleed-- but it didn't stop her he said she was right back at it after they got her all cleaned up... She loved telling me all about her night and her date with her daddy. 

I am SOOOOO SOOO thankful for such an AMAZING daddy who not only was EXCITED to take his little princess to her first dance and show her how a boy should treat her, but he danced and even asked her with flowers.. Boys my little lady will be treated RIGHT. He is the BEST daddy and example for my girls and I'm SO blessed. Hope she always wants to dance with her daddy and go to the Father Daughter dance and be SO excited. 

Melt. Me. 

Will You Go To The Dance With Me?

YES daddy. I LOVE them.
Dress Shopping 

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