Saturday, March 1, 2014

Life is Busy with Two Littles

 We started out the year and got TATTOOS! Jeff's is from a quote in the hobbit and mine is an infinity sign with all four of our birthstone colors and tuckers.. my whole world <3 I was very happy with the way it turned out I LOVE IT! 

February started out with 14 days of hearts on the doors for Olivia and Jeff. Olivia's are words that describe her and what we love about her. She LOVED waking up to a new heart each morning. Jeff's were hearts with scripture and quotes about being a husband and daddy. 

Super Bowl was fun this year.. We over to Kim and Kevin's had lots of junk food... and let the girls have some fun.

Olivia picked to have a Hello Kitty Box this year for Valentine's Day... This is her and daddy's fav. project.. She helped a lot more this year than last... It was so much fun watching them... I'm glad she has such as creative daddy because if i would have tried it def. would have NOT looked like this.

Jeff and I celebrated Valentine's going on a date to Maria's Mexican downtown Springfield and even went to the cup to grab an AMAZING cupcake before seeing Scotty McCreery at the Gilloz Theatre. It was an amazing time. Always love having date nights with him.

This means the world to me Jeff hand made it for me. It says "Create" which he explained is our world for 2014. We need to "create" something every day. memories projects fun anything. LOVE IT. ... So thoughtful.

Our yummy Cupcake.

Ended February going to a Jason Aldean concert. which was amazing. Had dinner at Bambino's with Kim and Kevin. Double dates are always a good time with them. Thankful for such good friends.

Random Fun Times

Adelynn and Eliza hanging out together.. Love Them.

Using a big girl cup more and more

Gavin came to visit he loves his libia... 

Precious Angel baby. Love this little lady. 

Bath Time Fun!! 
We even got an outside day... Girls LOVED it.

Sometimes you just have to hold your babies a little tighter and closer... Praying for all the evil in this world.. Love these baby girls of mine with all i am...  Sweet Cuddles and Snuggles.. <3 Nothing is better.

Happy Smiley Girl. 

Always dancing, talking, and running around. Cute! 

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