Monday, February 4, 2013

Busy Busy

Well I'm a little behind on my blog seeing since I blogged last I had an ultrasound, a special art night, and Friday quick takes... BUT I made a quick trip to the bootheel this weekend to see my sister, go to my nephews first bday party, and visit with some more family... And then yesterday I was sick, but still got to enjoy some time with my mom, attend a birthday swimming party with O (ended with me puking) :(, and then over to our kids house for a 30th bday and Super Bowl... Very busy weekend so I have lots floating in my mind on posting and I plan to get to that tonight :)

Also I've got a new schedule at work and will be working 11-430 and 4 possibly 5 days a week.. Depending on numbers! :)
How flippin' sweet is this? Considering O goes with me and LOVES playing with her friends, Im over halfway in my pregnancy... it's a pretty sweet schedule to have I love working with the kiddos it's such a blessing keeping them all :)

Excited for the weekend ahead one of my besties will be coming into town for our conference at DC and I'm looking forward to catching up :) yippie! :) and then lots of lazy family time on Sunday after a busy hectic weekend I always look forward to relaxing :) ESP with the weather being so nice!!

Here's a few pictures from our ultrasound-- She was smiling at us and wiggling like crazy kicks are becoming lots stronger and I look forward to them every night :) she's about 11ounces and growing :)

And here's a picture of the belly bump 20 weeks.. I've gained 12 lbs... Goal is 30 at most.. Pretty weather will mean lots of walks :) although dr was happy ab 12 I wasn't sure lol also since O was early I will do a test at 30 weeks to make sure preterm labor isn't making its way to me again :) we are hoping to get me until at least May 17 at earliest which is 36 but as we all know God has a plan and I'm wanting this to be as natural and we can and even gonna try without an epidural this time.. VERY nervous ab this but I'm gonna try my hardest!! I had a horrible experience last time!!

This picture brings me to tears God is seriously amazing two little miracle baby girls.. And they both have my heart..

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