Sunday, July 7, 2013

Adelynn's First Hospital Stay

We are on day 5 in the hospital with this cute little love bug. She has made a lot is improvement and we are praying to be able to go home tomorrow. 

Just a quick story of what happen. Wednesday 7-3.. She had a little bit of a rocky night-- but woke up and nurses like normal.. After nursing at 10:00am, she started screaming-- i thought it was just gas and it would stop soon.. So i swaddled, rocked, tried to nurse (she didn't eat from 10-3), bathed, skin to skin, bounced and then decided on a car ride which turned into a trip to the doctors office and then straight to the hospital to be admitted.

Wow I was overwhelmed Jeff was at work and I had both girls with one who was apparently very sick and one who didnt understand and was asking me questions and all I could do was cry.

We walked over to the hospital w a nurse from our doctors office and Jeff wasn't too long getting there after i called him.. I was a mess.. Kim came up and got Olivia for her first ever sleepover, which was a big deal and made me even more emotional... 

The doctor suggested we start by getting some blood work done to start if there is a sign of infection then we will do a spinal tap (seriously on my two week old baby) AWFUL!  They couldn't get a vein to get an iv started and she got poked on hands and arms and head :( 

They decided to wait since they got the blood they tested it -- yep high white blood cell count NOT what we wanted to hear this means there's an infection in my precious little girls body and a spinal tap it is... Well the doctor tapped her 3x and wasn't successful :( poor baby and whe she was gone she got an IV from a NICU nurse who only had to stick her once but it was right on her poor little head.. 

The nurse on Thursday was able to get a drop of fluid and sent it off to be cultured it takes 48 hours to get a final result from these so we are defiantly here until Saturday at noon-- then the blood culture showed two bacterias in her blood which thank God ended up being contaminant

Well now it's Sunday her blood test and spinal tap were both negative so we still don't know why and what caused her sickness-- but the antibiotics she's been getting every 6 hours 12 and 6 each day are working.

Tomorrow is a big day and we need lots of prayers.. She goes for her repeat spinal tap on the morning to get tested on her white blood cell count and for another virus that was suggested from an infectious disease specialist out of St. Louis.. If the results show normal numbers we are outta here and back home w Miss Olivia... If its abnormal we are here for at least 7-10 more days... And honestly I'm not sure I can emotionally and mentally handle that.. So please pray for my little angels body to be all healed :)

Here's me FaceTiming my lady at home!! I'm sure missing her like CRAZY!! 

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