Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Grandparent's Day!!

Have I mentioned Olivia has the BEST grandparents on the face of the earth?! I don't think we take the time out enough to express our appreciation for all they do for her. She is one VERYY blessed little girl. It's so hard being away from all of her grandparents, BUT it makes the time they spend together SO precious and special and time spent together is NEVER taken for granted.

As for me, I miss my parents like CRAZY! But it's all i've known since 2004 is being 3.5 hours away and only visiting. Olivia has just started to realize they come and then have to leave and it breaks my heart for her to have to say goodbye and watch them leave knowing she wont see them for a little while. But also for her i think she really REALLY really enjoys her time she gets to spend with them and having so much fun! :) 

I just all of our parents to know we truly love each of you over the moon and are SO thankful for each of you and the special quality of life you bring into our family. Olivia loves you more than anything in this world and we can never thank you all enough for the love you have for our family especially our little lady. We are SO thankful for each of you!! 

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