Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Birthday Party

Well let's just say our birthday celebration did. not. go. as. plan.  Our butterfly Birthday party at the park turned info a butterfly Birthday party at our daycare center because it rained for two days.. :\ Nothing like getting everything together in the rain and being rained on and having to change plans at the last minute. YIKES. Thank Goodness for my awesome boss!!

Despite the rain, the party turned out AWESOME... Olivia had a ton of friends at her party and we made a craft BUTTERFLYS out of coffee filters *Thanks Pinterest* All you need is some watercolor, coffee filters, and some pipe cleaner (cut 1/2) use the watercolor on filter let dry and tie up the middle with the pipe cleaner and bend the antennas around. BAM. You have a butterfly :)

I still can NOT believe my baby is 3!! Here's some pictures of the fun-filled day!

Happy Birthday Pretty Little Lady!! I Love You More Than You Will EVER Know! XoXo

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