Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Sweet Baby O

Olivia is now 3!!
 Holy Cow time flies!!! We decided since she really is understanding birthdays and all the fun stuff now we had to make it EXTRA SUPER special :)
We started out the morning with a Donut with CANDLES... She wasn't sure about waking up, but as you can tell when she seen the candles burning she was up in no time :)

After daddy left we may have snuck in a "birthday nap" snuggled up in momma's bed and it was so amazing... :) I just love that she will snuggle with me now and she LOVES it!! :) Makes my heart happy..
There was a knock on our door and look what got delivered.. A special treat for Olivia balloons and a cute little puppy.. she was super excited.. Thanks Nonna & Pa Pa
We got up and got ready so we could head to the next fun activity for the day which consisted of meeting our special guy for lunch... So we all packed up even Tucker and we picked up daddy and headed to get a happy meal and to the park for our picnic ..
We played candyland and chased bubbles.. and Tucker just wanted to chase his frisbee and follow Olivia around.. They are SO much fun together.. :)


And What i believe was Olivia's most exciting part of the day was picking up Quinn for a fun afternoon at bouncers... They ran and jumped and had so much fun!! They are such a hoot together.. they were cracking me up! I love watching Olivia interact with others and play... She is seriously so much fun.. and hilarous!! :) I couldn't be more proud of the little girl she is!! She makes me SO happy!

We ended the night with Mr. Biggs pizza, of course black olives for the birthday girl...  Alicia, Quinn, and Pierson came along for the fun! Olivia loves playin with Quinn and didn't want the night to end, but she was tired and about wore out.
I took her to walmart to get a cake and we whipped it up so we could eat it for breakfast this morning and then mommy and daddy let princess Olivia sleep in OUR bed and she sure did love that she kicked so i had to put her in her own bed in the middle of the night, but found her snuggled up to me when i woke up this morning.
Olivia- Mommy and Daddy would do anything for you. We love you more than anything in this whole world and you are our little miracle baby.. Seems unreal that is has already been 3 years since you made your appearance into this world weighing only 4lbs and 3 oz... You were a little fighter and i knew we would have a little independent strong willed little lady on our hands, but i wouldn't have you any other way. Thanks for being such an AWESOME little girl so sad you are growing up on me, but so proud of you. LOVE YOU LITTLE LADY!

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