Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Have I mentioned how thankful i am to be a "part time" worker now...  I went from being home with Olivia and keeping another little girl for 7 months to going to work "full time" and boy o boy did i not like that at ALL!! Ugh. I cried all the time leaving her as she would just want me and it seriously broke my heart into. I worked in the "full time" position for almost 2 years and got offered a position to work in the daycare/preschool that Olivia attended... How stinkin' PERFECT right? 1. being able to be with my little lady ALL the time 2. making money doing so... I would say that is pretty close to perfect.

Well I worked full time at the center for awhile and then summer started up and I got to start a new schedule and worked with the "school age" program... My new schedule was actually perfect all but being with Olivia everyday like I had been I worked Tues, Wed, and Thurs.... Which meant 4 day weekends every week and we LOVED it. It made the 3 days working SO worth it.

Well after summer we got a new schedule and I decided to be a "part time" worker... WOW what a change of pace... Olivia and I are SO lucky to have an awesome man who provides for us and has allowed for us to have 2 days off a week to spend doing stuff around the house, playing, learning letters, and just having FUN! I'm SO blessed.

I always knew I liked the idea of working "part time" but didn't realize how big of a difference it would make for Olivia and it's seriously the best decision I have ever made... We got 2 days to play and then 3 days we work and she is with me I finally feel like I'm fulfilled where as before I never felt my heart be so full as it is now just watching Olivia grow up everyday.

Thank You Jesus!

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