Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Soccer Practice

Seems like just yesterday I was bringing this little lady home... and NOW she's going to be my soccer star... We had our first practice on Tuesday night and she did AWESOME! She's the youngest on her team, but i used to work with her coaches and help put the soccer league together so i decided to go ahead and start her early...

I thought we would have to fight her to get her on the field and there would be lots of tears... Boy was I WRONG. We got there she put on her shin guards, shoes, and she was gone. She kicked the ball, listened to everything the coaches were asking and she participated to the fullest. Can you say PROUD mommy and daddy!!!  Pretty sure we couldn't have smiled any bigger or have been anymore proud of her!! She is seriously the MOST outgoing, prissy, athletic, smart child and I'm SO blessed to have her as MINE!! <3


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