Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Trash The Dress/Update on Life

Just wanted to share my Trash the Dress Pictures we have been wanting to do this for awhile now and decided to get it done since we are going to be celebrating 5 years in January!! :) I can't wait to get my prints on the wall!! After almost 5 years my husband is still amazing. He was an AMAZING husband and always made life fun, but when we threw in our first baby girl he is now even MORE attractive and fun than ever.. Nothing is more attractive than a man who has his little girl wrapped around his finger and watching them interact together.
Although we have been going through a tough time trying to get that second little miracle, we are praying within the next few months God will hear our prayers and provide my baby  big girl with a little sibling of her own she prays to Jesus for a "baby sister" but i know she will love her a little "baby brother" too!! Just keep praying for us while this has been one of the most emotional times for us... a year and 3 months down and still nothing. I went to the doctor last week and we are waiting to see what this month brings and then we will continue onto things i never dreamed i would have to be worried about... Just Pray.

On a happier note check out these pics... I absolutely LOVE them and LOVED spending time with Jeff having fun and being in love. Olivia will soon be 3 and we have been so blessed! Check these Out...

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  1. We are praying! Let me know if you want to talk medical-lingo sometime. I don't know everything, obviously, but I'll share what I know if it helps you guys.