Friday, September 17, 2010

Day 02- The meaning behind your Blog name

The meaning behind my blog name is pretty simple. I am a MOMMY and I am VERY blessed. Olivia was born two months early and was our miracle baby. Staying in the hospital in the NICU for 24 days she pulled through being very strong. I knew at this point I WAS VERY BLESSED. Life went VERY slow at this point, i had time to just sit and watch her. I prayed and spent lots of time thinking about how blessed i have been throughout life.
Being a MOMMY has changed my whole life. I'll always worry about the little things of making sure i'm doing the right thing and she is getting everything she needs. I now fill the fullest amount of LOVE i've ever felt. I LOVE my husband, but this is just a different kind of love. She is a symbol of Jeff and I's love for one another and she is an image of us both. She carries traits from each of us that are unquie to only her.
She is SUCH an angel. I thank God each day I was blessed with this life and the opportunity to go through it all, because there are others this is hard for and I'm praying for each one of them.

The weekend is going to consist of heading down to the bootheel to see some family coming from Ohio. We are going to eat ribs and do lots of visiting and family time. Also Sunday is Olivia's birthday with the family in Dexter. I'm SO excited!! She is one blessed little girl with AWESOME family and grandparents!!

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