Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 05- A picture of somewhere you’ve been to

The Alamo

I'm going to share a few pictures of Jeff and I's FIRST vacation together. August of 2008 It was one of the best trips that i've ever had... It was relaxing, fun, and full of LOTS of laughs! We stayed with Jeff's Aunt Rhonda and Uncle Tom.. They took us around places and we even got to go see the twins and Aiden!! We also spent the trip going to Sea World, Schlitterbahn, Art Museums, and to Japanesse Gardens. Absolutly AMAZING. We knew that would be one of the last trips we had before we decided to start our little family. Even though it took a little longer than expected to get pregnant, we were a few months along our our 2009 Vacation to Florida with some friends from Republic. It was our last trip just Jeff and I. This years vacation we did a family vacation with the Rawson side of the family and went to Destin, Florida it was a blast. It was the 3 of us this time and not the 2. We are VERY blessed!  

Trip to Texas here are some pictures! It was SO much FUN!!

McNay Art Museum

Schlitterbahn and Sea World

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