Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why Do We Fall SO in LOVE with Animals??

I'm having a hard time understanding how I fall SO in LOVE with all my animals. In January,  we lost Hoss, I've NEVER in my life felt SUCH heartache from a pet. He was a full-blooded bloodhound.. He was beautiful and he was his Daddy's boy.. BUT I loved spending time with him outdoors.. He loved going on walks, hiking, and playing with Tucker. We lost him one evening when someone left our gate unlocked and he jumped up and opened it and ran out in front of a car and we watched him as he was hit. *The WORST thing EVER* Jeff rescued him and we got him into our yard. It was awful, but we managed to keep him living and got him to the ER, but he had head trauma and we had to lose one of our "family members" HEARTBROKEN! :( Still brings tears to my eyes thinkin' about that night. Why do bad things have to happen?!
I think about this and what has happened this weekend and i'm so lost. Our new dog (half lab half bloodhound) ate our pool while we have been in the bootheel. I know it's time we find him a new owner and let our little girl be able to play in the backyard and have toys, but at the same time my heart is aching just saying get rid of him. He now is part of our "family" It's SO hard. We are looking for a good home to give him away to and for him to be apart of another "family" that will treat him like a baby boy, a human. 
He's GREAT with Olivia and she LOVES him.. I just hate that he eats EVERYTHING we own.. the pool was the last incident. 

Here's what our pool looks like at home. We are going back tomorrow to have to put it in the trash... hundreds of dollars wasted when we were SO happy to be able to get this for Olivia at the beginning of the summer. :( 

The Hole!! :(

Alright.. Am I wrong for getting rid of him?! I just want him to live a happy life and if we keep him he's gonna be in a small pen in our background. I sure hope we find him a loving home with some amazing people. 

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