Thursday, September 2, 2010

What is SO hard about Waking Up Before 7am?!

The reason I want to discuss this is so maybe I can get some ideas of how in the world to get myself and my family up before 7am. I would LOVE to get on a schedule of waking up at 6am and having time with my family before work. The reason we don't do this is because none of us wake up?! Anyone got any ideas how to get us in a routine?! I'm really going to start pushing this starting the day after Labor Day. It's a 4 day week and I want to see how many of those days we could do this. i want to get up, shower and get ready and have play time with my sweet little Olivia. This means earlier bedtimes for us.. Right now we usually head to bed around 11-12pm and wake up at 7:15am! I'm wanting to do bed between 10-11pm and wake up at 6am. We could even do a morning walk! This would make our days SO much better. I have been a bear this week. I think my hormones are going crazy. 11 more days until Olivia is ONE! I can't believe it. Anyways this post is very boring I'm sure not a good way to get people to want to read about our life. Just wanted to share something we are struggling with around the Rawson household!!

Just a side note... Olivia is officially a walker.. and she doesn't like to wear shoes!!!

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  1. They say it takes 30 days to form a new habit - so stick with it for 30 days and see what happens! :) I think your new bedtime will help too! :) Good luck! ps - I have trouble getting up early in the morning too, especially as the days get shorter and my bed is oh so cozy! :)