Thursday, September 23, 2010

Day 04- A habit that you wish you didn’t have

Well.. I've gotten behind on my blogging because I've been super busy with working and spending time with my little family <3 I'm going to catch up today and do a few blogs! Enjoy.

A habit I wish I didn't have.... I have no habits that I'm working on... Being a people pleaser and getting frustrated/aggravated at problems/situations that are out of my control.

1. Being a People Pleaser - This isn't a "bad habit" but it's a habit that sometimes makes me forget about my own problems or my own life. When I have a friend, co-worker, family member or anything having an issue and I know about it I worry about them SO much. I'm working on trying to let God have all the problems and He will handle them and I can relax. I will be able to worry about the problem, but not let it consume me. I try to make everyone happy ALL the time TOO and that becomes an issue... not EVERYONE is ALWAYS going to be happy.. Thats just life... but I ALWAYS try to make it happen! I need to focus on myself and my family. They are what matters the most and thats what i've been working on...I want to make my husband and daughter the happiest people on the planet. They are my everything.

2. Getting frustrated/aggravated at problems/situations out of my control. I find myself doing this a lot. Even when the situation isn't anyone's fault or if it is someone's fault taking it out on my husband. Thankful he loves me and sticks with me, I've actually gotten a TON better about this.. but there are still times I'll get mad over something so small.. but I usually realize it and STOP... I'm learning to apoligize to him if i do get out of control with this.

That's two habit's I'm working on at this time.. I'm sure at different points in life we have different habits we all want to fix.. What are your habits?!? Think about it and if whatever it is.. is causing someone hurt or pain.. FIX IT :)

Have a GREAT day!! :)

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