Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Busy Week

It has been a very busy week around here... Our weekend was also very busy I was gone ALL day on Saturday (which was weird for me being away from O that long) but it was an AMAZING fun filled JESUS DAY! WOW. The sessions were AMAZING and by girls in our church who took a step out and told their story and it ended with a girls dinner and a worhsip/session with Pastor Tosha which was incredible....

Thanks to my hubby who is AMAZING and LOVES spending time with his girl they got to spend the whole day together on a "date" as she says and they went to the bookstore, academy, chuck-e-cheese, and worked on her castle valentine's day box (pictures to come tomorrow) let's just say when i got home and looked at this box WOW... i NEVER had a box like this, but i wouldn't have expected anything less from the two of them they are creative and artsy and I LOVE IT!

Sunday we went to church and i got to work back with the infants second service and meet some new people at church--that was followed by lunch prepared by Jeff Veggie Melts and Sweet Potato fries YUM! and a good ol NAP! then lots of play time :)

This week we have been on the run too... We signed Olivia up for soccer which she is VERY excited to start back hoping it goes a lot smoother this round :) We got Adelynn's bedding in which i was super excited about Happy Valentine's babygirl :) so of course that made me wanna go to Lowe's and look at paint... I'm beyond excited to start getting ready for this little miracle baby.... AH God is Good.

Last night I let Olivia stay up until 10:30pm she was so hyper and excited because I was making the back drop for her Valentine's Day party tomorrow so i let her cut paper and make her on "business" as she calls it ;) I LOVE being able to be apart of all the fun holiday festivities that come with a preschool ESP being at the same one as my girl. Life doesn't get much better than that.

Tonight we are heading over to have some chili with my sis/bro in laws and then I have life group which I'm extremely excited for... Can't wait to start this Character MakeOver this weeks topic was humility and WOW I had no idea and learned a lot while working on my devotions each day!

Hope all my friends are doing well I miss everyone I haven't seen in awhile and think of you daily.
Katie if you read this I have been praying for you a smooth delivery and for a precious baby :) Can't NOT wait to see pictures and read this birth story you are such an incredible person ....  Do you have a typed birth plan or anything that may help me? I didn't get to have one last time but this time i want to try to be as natural as possible and i'm NERVOUS!!!!

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