Friday, February 8, 2013

Quick Takes

1. Yesterday was one of the worst days i've had in awhile... It was VERY emotional and I was very let down and it was disappointing. I don't know why i let what others do make such an impact on how i feel, but when it's someone so dear to my heart it hurts and it stinks! Tears were shed and no matter how hard i tried all day i just couldn't stop thinking of it. But today was MUCH better I've just left it behind... Forgiveness will come it may just take awhile.

2. I got another one of those text this am saying, no worries we are low so you are OFF today... SO this only means one thing.. Lunch Date with Daddy!! YAY! Pizza Inn was amazing and we had a fun lunch as always when it's the 3 of us.

3. I got a NEW phone today.. Yippie! No more cracked screen... I sure wont miss that... I've had a cracked screen since like July... And finally last week we reached our "upgrade" period and just happened Jeff had got a bonus at work and it all worked out so we are both good to go for another few years. :) So thankful.

4. We had duck steak for supper and it was AMMMAAZZINNGG!! I'm pretty sure we could live off of Jeff hunting.. We always are eating deer, duck, dove, rabbits... and of course our veggies and dessert :)

5. I'm 21 weeks pregnant today it's going by so fast.. I found myself in the babies room tonight rearranging a few things and getting the room ready for Jeff to carry out the stuff that no longer belongs in there and cleaned a place for all the baby stuff to return to the house... SO excited to start painting and getting things all put together for Miss Adelynn.

6. I am SUPER tired... I couldn't sleep last night at about 1am after getting into bed with Olivia i finally fell asleep.. only for a bit when i needed to pee and have a little snack.. then tried again... and Olivia was up it was like this until like 6 when i finally went back to my bed and tried to sleep and O was back up... it was rough.

7. Our women's committee is putting on the first conference we've ever held at our church here in Republic and I am VERY excited to attend tomorrow.. Can't wait to see what all i learn and just getting to have the day to myself and hang out with a bunch of girlfriends.

Hope Everyone has a BLESSED weekend.

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