Saturday, February 23, 2013

And the fun begins

Well the fun is starting to happen around the Rawson house...  Jeff and Olivia painted Baby Adelynn's room on Friday night and this morning and tonight we were able to add the furniture to the mix... I'm pretty sure this is the first time we've painted in our home and I really love the colors we have picked out.

It's so crazy how much it saves already having the furniture and all the other things such as a changing pad, clothes, and bouncy seats, and etc. The only thing we've got so far was the bedding and we are now waiting on her bumper to be made.. I didn't want to pay 80 for a bumper at the store so we are having one made just for her...

It's all coming together quickly.. I'm not looking into what kind of letters we want to use to do her name above the crib... I love all the planning and getting things ready.. I'm glad this part is done so i can focus on a "natural" birth this time... I'm interviewing a doula on Tuesday and I'm VERY excited and nervous all in one... Will post more after our meeting for everyone.

23 Weeks Pregnant.. I'm feeling great-- but Adelynn is moving like CRAZY.. she's already kicking so hard you can watch it on the outside of my tummy.... She's very active which i love bc i know i can feel her and know she's doing good :)

Feeling VERY blessed this weekend to be able to spend it getting things ready for our little miracle baby and went to a craft fair today with my sis in law... It's so nice having them here and able to hang out and spend time together.. Jeff got to go be a policeman for the afternoon... Got to pull some people over and give a few tickets or shall i say witness it... lol how exciting! :) 

Hope Everyone has a BLESSED Sunday! 

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