Wednesday, February 6, 2013

An hour all to myself..

Well... Besides Miss Adelynn kicking away in my belly... ahh how i have missed this feeling...

Jeff decided to take O on a date night to eat BBQ... He's been craving it for a few days and my life group starts tonight so they are having a daddy/daughter date... I absolutely LOVE that he enjoys taking her places and spending one on one time with her... As they were walking out telling me bye... I hear her asking for ice cream after... and I can bet you 100 bucks she will have ice cream just because he is an AWESOME AMAZING daddy... and i could not have ask for a better daddy.

As for me I am SO excited to get started with life group.. I did this life group over a year ago and it's crazy to look back and see how much things have changed since I've given things to God... I have a completely new career, I'm having another baby, I have more faith in myself and others, and I've become a lot more confident in myself. I still struggle in areas, but feel like understanding each topic and realizing God's plan... It sure does help to make me let down my guard and not focus on all the itty bitty things that dont matter, but yet focus on all the simple things that DO matter...

I'll keep a journal of my life group right here on this blog so others can read it too.. If i went back i do believe i have notes posted from the last life group which i'm getting ready to print. I'm SO glad i blogged about this a year ago and hope to stay on top of it this time.

But for now i have 15-20 minutes before i need to leave i'm going to lay down and enjoy some quiet time :)

Happy Wednesday! <3

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