Monday, February 25, 2013

23 Week Appointment

So my 23 week 3 day appointment went very well... no swelling going on at all... I have gained total so far 13 lbs which my dr is very happy with.... Not looking forward to seeing the 170 or more on the scale next time.. yikes. I got up to 176 with Olivia, but i'm thinking it will be more than that this time around.
My blood pressure was good so overall i'd say me and baby are doing wonderful... i did ask about all the movement but he said some babies are VERY active and move lots and lots... so it's a normal feeling--

I go back March 28th which i will be 27 weeks 6 days... and we do the glucose test and possibly go ahead and do my first of many "preterm labor" test... I will start going back every two weeks from then on out to make sure Miss Adelynn is planning to camp out for awhile and not make a surprise visit :)

Time is going by so fast.. Can't believe i'm already 23 weeks pregnant seems like yesterday I was begging and praying for a miracle to get pregnant... and now look at me.. :) Truly BLESSED!!

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