Monday, July 22, 2013

Adelynn * 1 Month *

SO hard to believe it has already been a MONTH.. you are growing SO fast..  Tuesday the 16th you weighed in at the doctor's office at 9lbs 6 oz and 21 in long.  Big Girl! You are starting to notice a lot more and focusing a lot more on people when they are talking to you. 
You have found your voice and have started talking and "cooing" to yourself and others (ADORABLE)

You have been sleeping about 6 hours a night for the past 3-4 nights and you only like to sleep in your rock and play while being swaddled in your swaddle me blankets... I think it keeps you warm and cozy keeping you from jumping and startling yourself. You sleep right beside mommy's side of the bed and like clockwork you have been up at 6-615am each morning and then you go back to sleep.

 You are definitely a crier... On the day you turned one month you cried and cried so much I called into your dr. office... I'm wondering if you are going through a growth spurt or you have colic, but we aren't real sure but you cry lots more than most babies.. :( which makes us super sad because we can't seem to make it better.. Praying whatever it is passes quickly.

You LOVE to be outside.. That is the ONE thing that can usually calm you down. We go outside and watch sis swim--I put up our big umbrella to keep you shaded BUT I let you in once so far just to splash your little legs..  You also love our nightly walks we usual go on... You like to go.. We went to Silver Dollar City the day after your one month and you LOVED it so much you slept the entire time...

We love you SO much and time is already flying by... You look just like your daddy at this point and you can give some mean ol looks... Olivia LOVES to help out with feeding you and helping mommy get things.. I've been SO blessed with you and excited to watch you grow. I Love You.

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