Thursday, July 11, 2013

Adelynn's Birth Story

Well the day started out as a "normal appointment day" except the fact Jeff decided to tag along with me to the office where we would see the nurse practitioner because my doctor was off Thursday and Friday of this week. I never mind seeing her because I'm in and out in a jiffy unlike seeing my doctor I can find myself waiting from 30 minutes to hours..

We dropped Olivia off at preschool (leaving her car seat and bag of "big sister clothes" just in case) my hopes weren't high that I would be staying and I would be coming back to work my shirt so the other girls could get their breaks in for the day. We said our goodbyes and headed off down the road.

Arriving at my appointment a little early so i could go in one more time and chat with the lady who deals with insurance and payments to make sure everything was all taking care of which only took a few minutes and I was back in the waiting room chatting with Jeff about everything. What If This.. and What If That...  and I hear the nurse Lauren and my heart stopped for a minute I was so nervous for this appointment because I was beyond ready to meet my sweet little princess.

We got into the room and got to hear that sweet little heartbeat and then it was time bottoms off and she will be in here soon to check my progress. (Exciting/Nervous) When she came in we talked about when I would be induced which would be scheduled for Tuesday June 25... But if she checks me and I'm at a 5, then she would send me over to hospital and we would see how the progress goes.

To my surprise I was at a 5!! WoW! I was super excited.. We made lots of phone calls and texts and my nurse got me in a wheelchair and started to push me toward the hospital. As we started moving I felt so emotional... Tears began to fall. This is it the moment I've been waiting for for weeks and I'm crying.. We would have a family of four before I went back home.. 

We got checked into our room and we decided to start walking to help get labor really going... After walking awhile with Jeff-- Kim showed up and decided to walk with us for a bit.. Lots of chatting and walking (quickly) was done and our doula, Patricia showed up and we kept walking and added in squatting to hopefully help make some progress..  Levi dropped Olivia off with us during this time too and she got to walk the hallways with us and we were able to give her the "BIG SISTER" bag we had made for her for the day.

Just walking trying to get labor going--Olivia looks SUPER excited :)
Just hanging out with mom on the "pregnant ball" eating some Jello

We waited on the doctor and waited when we found out he actually stopped in BUT since I wasnt in the room he LEFT!!! At the time I was like ARE U SERIOUS?!? But looking back I'm glad it worked this way bc the whole family was able to arrive and talk to me :) At a little after 5:00 (my appt was at 9:40am that morning) the doctor (not MY doctor bc he was off Thursday and Friday) Dr. Stamps his partner in the office showed up and explained he was going to break my water.

Explaining what was about to happen...  

5:00pm Water was broke and contractions picked up and got INTENSE... QUICK! I wasn't expecting them to get that bad so fast, but i managed to get on my birthing ball and rock, sway, and BREATHE. I let the girls of the family come back into the room-- but then decided to labor on the toilet and had Jeff ask everyone to leave.
Jeff was AWESOME-- He stayed right in front of me the whole time helping me breathe and I'm sure I was probably cutting his circulation off to his hand squeezing SO tight. After laboring on the toilet for awhile, I decided to head back to the birth ball...Patricia was putting counter pressure and rubbing my back through all the contractions which were coming every minute and lasting for 30 seconds each...

Getting the monitors fixed
After getting stadol--I decided to labor in bed
About 6:00pm I decided after being checked and only being at 6!! (Seriously thought this had to be a joke) that i wanted an epidural... They say you dilate about 1 cm an hour and there was NO way in the world i could deal with the pain I was feeling until 10pm or longer.. NO WAY. It HURT!! I thought I was mentally prepared, but I had reach "that point"

The doctor came in and I told him "I want an epidural NOW" haha Obviously that's NOT the way it works and it took some time for the anesthesiologist to get to me, but to hold me over they gave me half a dose of stadol at 6:15pm while I waited on her. It helped a lot... It made me feel like of "out of it" but my body actually relaxed and it wasn't as bad for a bit.... I continued to do my thing through the contractions until the epidural arrived.

7:00pm Anesthesiologist arrived and my first question "Are you a REAL doctor" lol Because of my bad experience last time with a "student" I wanted to make sure.. She got all her stuff ready and I was still having lots of contractions and boy o boy did they hurt. Finally she was ready and got started-- She ended up having to get me twice because the first time I had a contraction in the middle of it and moved... But the second time they held me down enough and got it in and said I should start to get it about 7:30pm... By this time I was in some serious pain-- so my nurse decided to go ahead and check me I was at a 10-- No more epidural medicine... Went through the pain to get it in.. and didn't even get anything from it.. Besides being charged!

The nurse went out to get Patricia, they had made her leave before the epidural and told all the family I'm at a 10 and ready to push! By the time the doctor got in the room and ready I was already starting to push... I pushed a totally of about 5 pushes.. On one of those pushes I went from a -1 station to a 3 and she was beginning to crown-- They noticed as she started to come out the cord was up around her neck and the doctor had to start pulling it down...

Pushing as Adelynn is starting to crown.. One of my favorite pictures  a true labor picture.

At 7:51pm a beautiful 7lb 5 oz 19.5 in long sweet baby girl entered the world: 

Introducing Adelynn Mae Rawson

Jeff didn't get to cut the cord again this time because once her shoulders and all came out they realized she was purple/blue and not breathing or crying.... They cut her cord and instead of coming straight to my chest had to be taking over to the baby table and cleaned out a little. As they were about to stick her on oxygen... I hear a sweet little coo and a cry... and then she came straight to my chest where Jeff and I just loved all over her.
God is GOOD!
She nursed right away and didn't want to stop and it was perfect. She looked JUST like her daddy and had a little brown hair and big ol eyes!! Absolutely PERFECT. After about 30mins-1hour, Olivia got to   come into the room and meet Miss Adelynn for the FIRST time.. and she was SO excited. I LOVED watching her just look at her and touch her... My little family of four finally ALL together and mommy and daddy got to love on both of them before we let family/friends into the room.

Olivia meeting Adelynn
Olivia washing Adelynn's hair for her first little bath.

The delivery went a little different than that my birth plan had said but overall I was completely happy with it.  Adelynn came out very alert and looking around (after the episode of the cord) and she nursed and was a healthy little blessing. Our nurse Brittani was AMAZING... My support team of Jeff and Patricia helped me to get through it and reminding me I could do it and God was in control the whole time.  

                                          God is Good!! 

Our happy family of four minus our fur baby Tucker

Me and my girls! 

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