Friday, July 26, 2013

Bittersweet Week (Recap)

It's been a long 5 weeks.. I've had a mommy instinct all along that something was wrong with my little lady. This past week was a VERY trying week for me.. I'm usually very strong and very independent and want to do things ALL by myself.

Monday: This little episode happened and it was BAD... I kinda panicked bc it was the first time she has done this and it was horrible. 

Tuesday: Doctor decided to try Nutramigen formula and take her off breastmilk for 24-48 hours to see what happens... She HATED the formula and wouldn't eat much... Worst night we have had so far LOTS of screaming and crying.. :( She FINALLY pooped after not really having a good diaper in a few days... I had to do a rectal temp reading for this to happen.

Wednesday: Called back to Doctor--decided they wanted to check her out... Weighed in a 9 lbs 12 oz and got diagnosed with Acid Reflux-- which then put us on Zantac and we are waiting until Monday to see what happens on the formula (which in lab breaks the protein down-makes it easier to digest) and the meds. I had two break downs of crying with Adelynn today-- Felt good to get it out.

Thursday: My 28th Birthday (Jeff took off work to help out with Adelynn--I needed a break) So thankful for a husband that is an amazing daddy and helps out so much.... Thank You :)

Woke up to this... Why a trash can you ask?
Olivia wanted me to have one in my bedroom so i dont always use hers and thats what she told Jeff she wanted to get me! 

Mommy and Olivia date to Aquatic Center for "Morning Splash"

Flowers from one of my besties, Heather (on left) Jeff and girls on right so pretty

My birthday present.... a family car!!! YAY!! Love It!
And on top of getting a new car i got to spend the afternoon just me and the hubby hanging out... I miss those days!  Thanks to papa for being here we spent like 6 hours at the dealership... exhausting--but lots of "us" time :)
Friday: Adelynn did awesome slept from 11:45-5:45 woke up and ate and back to sleep from about 6:30-10:15ish.. Rainy day sleeping in is AWESOME!  I bought this awesome baby bjorn carrier for only 25 bucks! YES a deal! Then Me and the girls went to walmart and got Olivia a new dvd player for the car and then we had a gift card to Mcdonalds so we shared a chicken nugget meal and sundae! Success!

She loves it.

Happy Girl.. Layed here and coo'd and laughed and talked for almost 25 minutes! 

Birthday Dinner at Nakato with my favorites... :) Picture before we left... She's such a goober! :)

Through all the ups and downs this week.... I wouldn't trade any of it.. These moments pass by so quickly... So thankful for such awesome family and friends... love yall.

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  1. Do you think you have an overactive letdown? I did with Hannah and would spit up alllllll the time. She was fine, just getting too much milk.

    Yay for a new car!