Saturday, July 13, 2013

It's THE day..

We have been in the hospital today for 10 nights and 11 days.... Can you say exhausting?!  SO excited we finally are getting to go home and start living "normally" again... Adelynn is MUCH better and acting like herself and a normal newborn (almost 1 month old) WOW time sure does fly.. :(

Although spending all the time in the hospital has been exhausting--I have enjoyed spending one on one time with Adelynn and spending time with Jeff at night. It made us slow down and enjoy just the company of one another. I have missed Olivia like CRAZY... and I'm SOOO excited to have her home tomorrow. She went on "vacation" to the bootheel and spent some time with all of her grandparents. Just a couple pictures I have got since she's been gone... I think she's getting spoiled rotten.

Here's a picture of her poor head after she got her scalp IV out :( she has 3 little bawled spots :( and now her IV is put into her right foot.

Decided since she had a bawled spot we would just but a bow in the spot :) How ADORABLE?!

MUCH happier.. Look at those bright eyes... Love Her!

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