Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Baby Adelynn Update

We are home and doing MUCH better-- She's a bit fussy, but nothing compares to what went on before we went to the hospital.. We had a check up today and the doctor said she may have a bit of colic.. So we have done a warm bath tonight along w the heating pad and its seem to work miracles.. :) 

As we speak this is what she looks like at this moment..

She is quite the little angel with a set of big ol lungs that are LOUD!!  :) but I'm SO thankful.. 

She weighed in at 9lbs 6oz today 21 in long.. She's 2 days away from being a month old (WOW-- time flies) :( 

Olivia's first time to feed Adelynn:

Hanging out with her sister:

Me and my girls hanging out on the hammock getting some vitamin D:

Hanging out while we let sister swim..

Just hanging out with my girl :) 

So thankful we are home and getting some time to all bond together. We have been having so much FUN!!! :) 

Thanks for all the prayers for my little lady-- God is GOOD-- All the time God is GOOD <3

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  1. Oh I am just so happy that everything is okay! What a scary thing to go through! God is so so good! Both your girls are beautiful! Your family is beautiful. I know it's about a month late but congratulations on your newest little addition ;) She's totally worth every exhausting night in the hospital!