Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Life Sometimes Doesn't Seem Fair

Welll..... From the title i'm guessing it says it all.. We did NOT get the answers we were hoping for yesterday. The weird thing is yes we were upset, BUT we are here because her test came back clear of any virus and her spinal fluid looked good? So why be upset? Crazy. They aren't really sure what's up just that a bacteria showed up on her culture in her blood, BUT they told us it was a contaminate BUT to be safe they are treating for 10 days and we will be able to go home on Sunday.

I'm VERY thankful that everything looked good--white blood cell count is back to perfect and they are going to culture her blood today or tomorrow to make sure it's also clear. She is acting like normal again and not at all fussy unless she's hungry she is a little piglet.

The hardest part of all of this is we have TWO kiddos and explaining to a 3.5 year old you wont be home for 10 days and nights when she is used to only being with mommy is very confusing, which makes it SUPER hard on my heart. She is fine and has been spending time with grandparents and doing whatever it is she wants to do, but it still pulls at my heart.

Jeff and I made a decision last night we are going to let her go to the bootheel for the rest of the week until Sunday and spend time with everyone and get away from home and the hospital and to take her little mind off of everything. She isn't so sure about it she said yeah me and mommy will go. :( breaks my heart.

I'm excited for her to go down and get to enjoy family time and make some memories with everyone and i can't wait to hear stories when she gets home because she ALWAYS is talking and has the funniest things to talk about and tell us. Say a little prayer for this momma who hasnt' ever had to be away from my baby! :( I'm trying to stay busy here in the hospital with Adelynn but she likes to snooze so i've been working on her birth story for the blog and watching the seasons of Parenthood :)

Thanks for all the prayers these past few days this has been a VERY trying time, but im S0 very thankful for a husband who is my rock and I know i can always count on him 110% of the time and our families stepped up without hestiation to come and take care of our babies and home. Thank You all so much. And to our wonderful church family and friends THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart all the dinners, lunches, sonic drinks, chatting, and praying... It's overwhelming how many people are praying for our sweet little Adelynn. God is GOOD!

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