Sunday, February 13, 2011

Biggest Temptation Yet....

So today the 7th day of the 84 has been the hardest so far. Lunch was made by me. I made enchiladas, but ones i couldn't eat. So therefore I had to make myself a bean and cheese burrito... SO HARD. I LOVE my ENCHILADAS!! AHH!! Also another favorite ROTEL and CHIPS!! It was a rough one. It was so hard though that i'm still thinking about the food!! lol.
I decided to send the leftovers with my bro-n-law so he could share with the guys he lives with and they would be out of my sight. He also was kind enough to take the rotel dip and chips!!
My awesome amazing husband told me he was proud of me. That made me feel SO good. He's behind me 100% on this and it makes it A LOT easier!! I enjoyed sleeping in this weekend 8am.. But tomorrow morning it's back to the 5am workouts!!! I'm excited/nervous to get on the scale tomorrow and see just where i'm at. I just hope to start seeing results... it's been a week though.. by week 4. I'm really hoping they are there.
Hope everyone has a GREAT Valentine's tomorrow. I'll share my story tomorrow :)

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