Friday, February 4, 2011

Blizzard 2011

Just wanted to post about the "Blizzard of 2011" in the Ozarks. I haven't ever seen so much snow in my whole life, it's actually pretty awesome. (Only when my work cancelled on Tuesday and I got to stay home with my little family and just cuddle up by the fireplace and stay warm. It's been a crazy week around here for sure. Monday was a normal day and everyone started talking about how we were going to get soo much snow. Jeff and I were like "We will believe it when we see it!" Well all night Monday I could hear the ice hitting the windows in our bedroom and sure enough when I woke up Tuesday the snow was coming down SUPER hard and the wind was blowing it everywhere. Work was cancelled for us both so we def. enjoyed that day. Wed. Jeff got another day off and I had to work just 12-5pm so it wasn't too bad. I was really nervous to drive into Springfield, but the jeep made it without any problems. Thursday Jeff and I both went to work, but only 9:30-4-4:30ish. We rode together and got to take O to school it was fun. Reality set back in today going to work, but school was out again so we had our snow day camp, which is usually fun but after 3 days you need a break :)

When we got home today we went out and shoveled the sidewalk and played in the snow. It was still snowing today and we got about 3 more inches. It was fun to act like a kid again and play in the snow with Olivia. She only liked it for a few minutes and then her and Tuck Tuck were ready to go in. I'm SO blessed I love the snow and I love all the laughter with my family. God is GOOD!

Here's a few pictures from Blizzard 2011:

Rawson's *Blizzard 2011*

Mommy and Daddy's Princess
SO much SNOW!! 
Our sidewalk

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