Sunday, February 27, 2011

When Your Mind Won't Shut Off..

Well, It's almost 2:00am everyone is asleep, BUT me. Jeff and Olivia have been asleep for hours and for some reason my brain will not shut off. I don't know if it's the Nyquil I took to sleep last night and the sleep i got that was the deepest I've had in months or the fact I have a million things on my mind. (I want everyone to say a prayer for 3 of my favorite little girls. I pray that their mother finds peace in her heart and these girls get to be with their family. I got a phone call from them today that made my day. It breaks my heart to see such sweet pretty girls have to go through so much crap because of terrible decisions their mother makes for them. Lies to them that their family doesn't want to see them and keeps them from the people that love them most. They don't deserve it. God sees everything that is happening and I want him to make the judge rule for the girl's sake. I love you three girls VERY much and so does your family.) Please say a Prayer For Them!!
It's been a long weekend. We got a call that both of Jeff's grandmas were in the hospital, one getting a knee replacement and the other with heart problems. We decided Wednesday evening we were going to take a trip back home and see his grandmas along with ALL of our family.  Jeff's grandma will be taking a trip to San Antonio this weekend and living with her oldest daughter for awhile, we will def. miss her lots.
We came in Thursday evening and stayed with Jeff's parents and grandma. We share many laughs and of course Olivia was the center of attention.
Friday we went to my mom's house and visited. We took it easy and we stayed inside and Olivia played with all of Allison's old toys. She loves the sit and spin. I was feeling kind of sick so i took some meds, first time i've had nyquil since I got pregnant with Olivia. Talk about knocking me out. WoW. Won't be taking that for awhile. Today we hung out with my mom and then came to spend the night with my dad.
My sister came over and spent some time with us. It was actually really nice to see her and talk. It's been a LONG time and I've really missed the sisterly bonding. Sad that we live so far from each other and we have drifted apart, but i hope once she's out of school we will see more of her in our neck of the woods.
Olivia had a big day playing and eating all day. She crashed and i haven't heard a peep from her since she layed down.
Tomorrow we will be traveling back home and getting back to our routine. My Body For Life has been hard to stick with on this trip, but my overall success has been pretty good. I'm going to head to the gym when we get home tomorrow and get some cardio in, since it has been so cold it was hard to get any in while we were here. Week 3 was good, but I'm really looking forward to Week 4. I'm going to push myself extra hard and make this week the best one so far.
I'm looking forward to weigh in on Monday morning I sure hope the scale shows me some weight loss even if it's just a few ounces.
One last thing, I got to see my bestie while I was home and I was so happy. She looks so good and baby Eli will be here before we know it! Seeing her makes me so thankful for such an awesome friend someone I know I can count on when there is no one to turn to. Someone who will always be there and understand me. Crystal- I love your little family. You are going to be an AMAZING mother. I am SO happy and excited for you to start the journey of motherhood. It is one of the BEST journeys I've ever been on!!! I LOVE YOU CHICA!!

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