Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Update Body For Life Day 10

Today was an upper body work out day. I pushed through and moved up my weights. My arms are feeling it and it's AMAZING. It's a good hurt. I'm into the swing of things and it's getting easier to get up at 4:45am and it's also easier to eat healthy. 6 meals a day, planned out = SUCCESS! I haven't had to cheat so far.. I had my one cheat MEAL last week and that's it. Water is consuming me! I'm LOVING it. I feel better physically and mentally. Yesterday was an emotional day for me for some reason and I had a "moment of frustration" with life... But I pulled through it and today i feel very blessed and great.
Tonight (after 2 weeks off because of snow) iMarriage will continue I'm looking forward to seeing everyone and being able to just relax and enjoy my husband. We get so busy and sometimes forget to love each other. I'm excited to hear the message God has planned to deliver to us tonight. God is GOOD!
I was very happy with progress i made in Week 1...  Bring on Week 2!!

Week 2- 144.6

Hope everyone is having

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