Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mommy and Olivia's Weekend

Well this weekend Friday and Saturday were dedicated for Olivia and Mommy Day because Daddy worked the Chili Cook-Off (they got GRAND CHAMPIONS on their Chili). We were SO proud of Daddy!! While daddy had fun doing that..

We decided to have some fun. Friday when I got off I went and got Olivia we got home around 4pm so we had plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful weather. Olivia LOVES  being outside. She ran around the yard, played on her slide, and I pumped up the Jumpoline.

On her birthday she wasn't so sure about this, but a couple of months older now (17 months) she LOVES it. Lastly we took a wagon ride around the neighborhood, and seen a friend of mine and chatted with her and her kiddos. Olivia loves other kids!  After playing until dark we came in and she took a nap for about an hour while i made us some supper. Daddy got home around 8pm and we all hung out for the rest of the night.

Daddy left at 4am Saturday morning and Olivia and I slept in until 9am... SO nice to sleep in that late when during the
week I wake up at 4:45am!! HUGE difference and I was in a great mood. We were lazy all morning I cooked some breakfast (eggs and toast) and we played inside. We layed down for a morning nap and Olivia slept for about an hour and a half while i showered and got ready to go. When she woke up we had some lunch and headed off to have a fun afternoon. We went to Jump Mania first and she loved it, the kids were a little wild and one kicked her in the face (which didn't make me a happy momma). I dont understand why people let their 7 year old play in the 3 and under playhouse. SO dumb.

After she got tired of this we went to the park and played and seen the ducks. She loves just running and laughing. It's SUCH A blessing. I wish i could stop time and just watch her run and laugh she's so sweet. She was tired after this so she napped on our way to the shoe store to look for us some shoes, but no luck. then we went to Mardel and i got a couple of books while Olivia played in the cart. Finally it was supper time and my cheat meal for the week we decided on Pizza Inn. We ate lots of pizza and got very full. It was the PERFECT day.

We came home to daddy and he was so excited about the cook off. This weekend was awesome. I wish i was off tomorrow with Daddy and O, but tomorrow is "Daddy and O Day" I'm off on Friday and get off early on Thursday. I'm looking forward to hopefully warm weather so we can go out and enjoy a few days outside. 

     Life is PERFECT
     Life is GOOD
     God is GOOD.

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