Saturday, January 14, 2012

BFL-Week 1..

NOT SO GOOD!! :( My motivation level STINKS!! AHH!! Trying so hard to be motivated to eat better... but it's SOOOO hard.. I LOVE JUNK!! Week 2 Begins on Monday and I SO hope I can do better than this week.... I did good for a few days and then Thursday and Friday I FAILED! :/

On another note I failed today when we went to the movies... POPCORN AND SODA... Yikes... BUT hey you live once and my little girl wanted popcorn and it was WORTH IT!! :) We went and watched Happy Feet 2!! It was an ALRIGHT movie... NOT one of the best one's I've watched in awhile.....

The evening looks to be filled with going outside and playing with the pups, playing with Olivia, and games with Jeff... Oh How I LOVE the weekends!!! BEST FAMILY EVER!! <3 Muah!

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