Sunday, January 29, 2012

Family Weekends are the BEST

Friday was my last day working for SPARC... I had my final Parent's Night Out with all my kiddos... I was so excited for the activity... I had saved up boxes and we built their own "cars" They got to make them into whatever they wanted it was so cute seeing them hard at work and to watch all my counselors get into it... :) I'm sure going to miss all my friends and co-workers... But wish them all well and i know we will still be able to hang out and see one another. YaY.
After the PNO I met up with Jeff and Olivia for her favorite meal, Chicken Nuggets.. She was so excited... We sat and chatted at McDonald's and watched Olivia eat... then came home to relax and get some rest for our big day Saturday.
Saturday consisted of Jeff getting his truck fixed and we went shopping for Olivia and I... Pretty successful day shopping. Saturday Night was Worship at DC... It was AMMMAZZZING.  It was so touching I love being in the presence of the Lord and feeling him being there... It truly is AWESOME. So thankful for such an amazing church family and friends.
Sunday Funday.. Church, Nap, Dinner with one of our awesome family friends Nicole, Bill, and their kiddos.... Followed my more napping... Olivia finally crashed and my quote of today... Hey Honey
"Wanna Make Out"
I know grosss.... lol
BUT seeing how we have a 2 year old that likes to sleep with us at night and wants our undivided attention all day... I feel like I never get any kisses or lovin' Thank Goodness for Naps :)
Tomorrow starts a new journey for me and my family and I'm SO excited to start my new job and to see how everything falls into place. I will give an update on the job situation and how Olivia and I do our first week being together during the day (AHHH IM SOOOO EXCITED TO SEE HER ALLLLL DAY!)
I'm SO thankful for weekends just with my little family to relax and to enjoy one another... Thank You Jesus for all the blessings!

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