Sunday, January 8, 2012


We just celebrated our 4th anniversary together on Thursday! All week since Sunday I got this idea from pinterest... (ill show this idea on a future post) Used a pill box and each day had something I'd do for him and Saturdays paper said "Pack Your Bags we are going on a surprise trip!"
I surprised Jeff with a one night stay in Branson. As we lay here in bed thinking about getting ready to head back home I feel so relaxed. It's so nice to get little time outs from life and remember the "spark" that sent me falling head over heels in love and letting us enjoy each other. I thank God for him everyday he is the best husband and daddy.
We had lots of fun walking around Branson. We went to Tanger, went to the Stone Hill Winery and wine tasted (still dont love wine), walked the Landing and the water by the Landing, we ate a decent supper, and played UNO and just laughed and reminisced about college and how things have changed since the beginning! I LOVE thinking about how giddy I got when he would get on AOL and send me a chat message and how my heart skipped beats when I seen him!
Since we had Olivia she's been our main focus and sometimes we forget about the "us" so that is something we are going to start working on this year reminding each other about the love we have for one another and not just assume each know we are going to show it!
I'm so blessed and can't thank God enough for such an awesome husband!

Life is GOOD!

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  1. Glad you had a great anniversary mini-getaway! Never stop...they just get more special with each passing year!