Sunday, January 1, 2012

Here's to 2011... and a NEW YEAR 2012!!

2011 was an overall wonderful year... Our family was very healthy throughout the year and we have been blessed to be able to spend lots of time with each other and enjoying some of the small things we haven't in the past...

2012 I am going to make it a higher priority that we see family more, especially ones we don't see often. I miss having family around, but it makes us thankful for the time we do get together.

2011.. We celebrated 3 years of marriage, celebrated Olivia's 2nd Birthday, Hank joined our family on July 25, and we have been blessed with Jeff's new job and side job....

The START of 2012..... Happy New Year!!

With LOVE-Jeff, Lauren, Olivia

Kisses to Bring in the NEW YEAR! 

Just being US!

We celebrated with friends for our New Year's Eve... 2 of my favorite girls (BESTIES)  and their husbands....

Two of My Best Friends... Heather is 40 Weeks Pregnant and BEAUTIFUL!! 

*Goals for 2012*

1. Get my Family eating HEALTHIER... (and for me to work out more)
2. Read Some Books 
3. Spend more one on one with my husband
4. Spend more time with our loved ones...
5. Expand Our Family and Give Olivia her "sista or brotha" <3

I pray that ALL my family, friends, and everyone has a VERY blessed year! I pray this is your BEST year YET! 

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