Thursday, November 10, 2011

Day 10: I'm Thankful For our Jobs...

Today I am thankful for our jobs. I know i may complain about having a job and wanting to be a stay at home mom.. which i would LOVE to do in the future when God tells me it's the right decision to make... Right now God is telling me to keep pushing through and contribute to our household finances..
I'm very thankful Jeff and I work the same schedule... 8-5 are our usual hours, and he gets off at 3 on Friday!! My job is more flexible and their are days i work extra and days i can adjust and get off early.. Not many jobs you make your own schedule and that's basically how my job works... I love working with kids and i love being able to plan the activities the kids get to do afterschool.. I'm trying to think of new crafty ideas for them to do for afterschool programs any ideaS?!?
I'm VERY thankful for ALL of our family time each night.. dinner together, praying together before bed, and just time to relax together... I also enjoy our Wednesday life groups that we can each participate in and get to be with christian people and be in the word of God.
I'm also thankful for those who have to work the odd shifts to take care of our community, sick people, and serving this country...

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