Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 4: I'm thankful for being able to work with children..

As I sit in a session at my conference and listen to the speaker talk I realize how awesome it is to have the opportunity to work with kids... Am I leaving fingerprints on them that will help them in the future to better themselves??
Yes at times I complain about my job but the one thing that I LOVE about it is working with the little kiddos the ones that listen and the ones that don't.. They are all unique in some way...
Just sitting back watching the kids and just watching them smile and have fun is what I thrive for.. I always hate disciplining them but always try to let them know I really like them and hate having to get on to them but assure them it is I better themselves...
I've always had a passion for kids and having my own now makes see things in so many angles... I never really looked at it from a parent view but now that my baby is in "Heidi's school" I love picking her up and hearing about her day.. What she did what she made anything fun new that she learned...
This makes me wonder what do kids tell their parents after a day at my program.. I want them to have a fun story and have learned something and in detail being able to describe the fun new exciting things they did for the day..
This makes me push the extra mile and have new fun things at schools out and parent's night out: new themes, new crafts, new movies and games!!
Life is too short not to enjoy it and leave some fingerprints on a child..

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