Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Day 8 and 9: I'm Thankful for my puppies... Tucker and Hank

The love the is the greatest of all... They will never be mad and will always LOVE me no matter what comes.. Each day when i wake up it's like they haven't seen me in days/weeks/months... I get home from work and it's the same way...
Tucker is my baby... He has been through everything with Jeff and I..Apartment living, searching for a home, being pregnant, and having kids... I can't imagine life without that sweet little bark and the fun he brings to my life.. he makes me SO happy. He sits, lays, rolls over, high fives, and shakes... BEST of ALL he fetches a frisbee... LOVE IT! I am his whole world and he always listens and NEVER talks back ;)

Hank is our newest addition and I must say he's a good boy.. He has filled a hole that I had from Hoss being removed from our family wayyyy toooo sooon.... Hank is a good guy he guards our yard.... he likes to dig holes, drag my cushions off my furniture, BUT i love it. It can drive me crazy sometimes, but he is so stinkin' sweet and just wants to love on you and give you lots of kisses!!

Dogs are not just animals, but they become part of your family.... They are a humans best friend...

They love each other :)

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