Thursday, November 3, 2011

Day 3: I'm Thankful for My Family...

I'm SO thankful not only for my little family, but our WHOLE family. I have been blessed with wonderful parents who are always there for me...  I had a wonderful childhood full of lots of memories with my family. We were always blessed to do fun things together and take fun vacations... I find myself looking back on those memories a lot and wondering where has the time gone?
After meeting my husband I gained a whole new family. They all are wonderful people and our my second parents...  They are always here for my family and always bring such joy. I have made so many memories with them since Jeff and I met back in 2004-2005...
Bringing a baby girl into this world has turned all of these wonderful parents into grandparents... They say there's nothing like grandchildren...  I love watching each of our wonderful parent's with our Olivia... She looks up to each of them and I couldn't have ask for better people for her to be with.
It gets hard not being close, but it really makes us treasure the time we do have with our families. I just want you each to know I LOVE YOU... I would do anything for any of you and I'm SO very thankful God's plan was for you to be my PARENTS!

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