Saturday, November 5, 2011

Day 5: I'm thankful for friends

Today I am thankful for friends.... I have some of the most AWESOME friends on the planet. I have old and new friends who I love so much. I love my old friends that I can not talk to for weeks, but we can see each other and it seems like days instead of weeks/months and we pick up and carry on.. I have one person who i miss and love so much.. it's so crazy how we do it, but she's my rock I know if i need her she will be right there... We are so much a like but 4 hours has made it hard for us to see each other and talk as much as i'd like seeing we both have families, babies, full time jobs... and life happening ALL the time. Crystal... I'm SO thankful you are a forever friend and i trust you with my life. You are such a blessing for me and I LOVE YOU.
Heather, Sarah, and Sally are my three besties here in Springfield, Mo and I love each of you. You each bring something to my life that i love. Heather... We have been besties since our freshman year of college apart 3 years and we picked up and are so fortunate to get to do life together again... I'm SO thankful I've been here through your first pregnancy and I get the privilege to throw you a BABY SHOWER for baby Gavin. I can't tell you how excited I am to be there for you when he decides he's ready for this world. Thanks for all the memories and being awesome. Sarah and Sally are girls i work with that are amazing... Sarah is getting ready to move, and will be missed like something terrible, but no worries i will be keeping her up to date on life in Springfield and even though i dont like KC I will be visiting.. :)
Sally and I just started working together in June and she's SO funny... she brings my life down to chill mode and helps me not to "stress out" over all the small things... She was DEF a blessing this summer and keeping me sane... Now she's in the desk next to me and i get to hear her fun jokes ALL the time.
I have many more friends who i consider AWESOME amazing friends, but today these 4 stuck out in my mind... I love all my friends and i'm so thankful God blessed me with special people in my life.

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