Saturday, November 12, 2011

Day 11 and 12: I'm Thankful for having time to be crafty and for time being able to spend mommy and me time with Olivia..

I'm starting to slack on my thankful days as I post curled up in bed with my baby girl watching Santa Clause 2 for the 5th time for the weekend... She loves Santa! I'm thankful for every night I get to cuddle up with her... This weekend has been lonely without my hubby but it's been nice having mommy/daughter time with Olivia!! She's so stinkin funny and smart and keeps me on my toes!
Ive also enjoyed time to make baby shower invites and some Christmas presents.. I love being crafty! I'm about to finish up on Heather's shower which is tomorrow and I will post pics on that tomorrow! This weekend has been full of being at home and soakin up all my time with Olivia.. I can't wait for my husband too be back tomorrow this away for deer camp is for the birds and STINKS! :) he did kill a deer today though! YaY!

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